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We are a team of women, men, students, stay at home parents, work at home moms, work at home dads, and Entrepreneurs that wanted to make more money than a 9-5 job could give us, we are also the same people who wanted to work less hours so we could enjoy our lives! Our home business allows us to work when we want and have more time for the things in life we enjoy the most.

What have you been dreaming of?

  • A New Car

  • New House

  • Retiring Early

  • Money For College

  • Money For Vacations

  • More Time With Your Children

  • Being A Stay At Home Mom or Stay At Home Dad

Our unique work from home opportunity allows you to work when you want and earn an income that you have always dream of!

Now is your chance to live the American Dream of working at home and having the things in life you want most! Start your own home based business today and start enjoying the benefits tomorrow!

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Our home based business is unique and offers a huge opportunity for anyone that is trainable and willing to invest some time into creating a home based business.

Our work at home opportunity is unique and offers a great home based internet business for anyone interested in working from home.

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If you have tried other work at home jobs, another mlm business opportunity, or tried any mlm marketing company, take a look at the Ameriplan� work from home opportunity!

Ameriplan� can offer you a real work from home opportunity that is very lucrative!

Get started today and get paid this week!



work at home, moms, mlm, wahm, internet business, online business

Welcome To Home Based Dream...

Are you a stay at home mom or stay at home dad looking to work at home? Are you a college student, entrepreneur, or just a hard working person looking for a better income that you can earn at home?

Have you been dreaming about working from home, your own home based business, or dreaming about the life you and your family could live with a better income?

What if you could have your own home based business that would allow you to earn a very lucrative income while working from home?

If you answered yes to any of those questions keep reading and see what our work at home business can offer you!

work at home moms, residual income, mlm opportunity, work from home, work at homeOur team of women, men, work at home moms and work at home dads are committed to helping you achieve your dreams and goals in life by teaching you how you can have your own home based business that you can work at home!

Now is your chance to get your foot in the door of a great company that offers a unique home based business opportunity. Let us introduce you to AmeriPlan�.

AmeriPlan� is looking for hard-working women, men, moms, and dads, who are searching for a "legitimate" home-based business that they can work from home. We are looking for motivated people who are looking for a part-time or full-time business opportunity with a reputable company.

AmeriPlan� offers a great work at home opportunity that ANYONE can do!  work at home moms, residual income, mlm opportunity, work from home, work at home

We are here to provide you with a career or part-time work at home job that other companies can only aspire to.

Below you will find two positions that are available immediately: Training specialist and benefits specialist. Once you work for AmeriPlan USA�, you can choose to work with both positions, or simply work one. The choice is up to you.

1st position: We help people work at home

We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. If you have an upbeat personality and like to help people, you will have tremendous success with our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to get started.

Every month, millions of people are searching online/offline to find a real, legitimate, work at home business. Now you can help them find a real work from home business, all while making an amazing income, from the comfort of your home. We will train you, step by step, on how to master this position. You are in the foreground, paving the way for our company to continuously grow and expand. You must be coachable and be willing to have fun interviewing people.

We have many people from all walks of life on our team. We have stay at home moms, dads, college students, grandparents, teachers and entrepreneurs. These people were also looking for a work at home business, just like you are now. Many of them were frustrated and almost gave up until they found us. These are the same people who have very successful work at home businesses today!

2nd position: Benefits Specialist

We are looking for people that want to help people save money on their health benefits. This too, is a very rewarding position. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful benefits AmeriPlan� offers. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic benefits. You will make a difference in someone's quality of life.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people (140 million Americans) have no form of dental or vision benefits. We all know people with teeth and eyes, people that take prescription drugs, or people that suffer from some form of back pain. Why not help them save a substantial amount of money on these four benefits and get paid great money for doing it?

We will train you on how to market these benefits to those people at a very affordable price. The people you help save money with our benefits package will be your members. Because our company has such a high retention rate with our members, you keep getting paid month after month, year after year�as long as they remain on the plan.

Both positions include the following:

  • Daily Pay. With AmeriPlan� YOU GET PAID DAILY each business day of the week! You don't have to wait for a full month to see a check for your efforts in the previous month. With AmeriPlan� our payroll department checks its records daily and cuts you a check each and every business evening.
  • Part-time or full-time work available immediately. POSSIBLE earnings can range from $800 to $2000 a month to start.
  • No experience required. We will provide you with personal and internet training.
  • No Paperwork. All work can be done online.
  • FREE benefits for you and your entire household on dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic services.
  • Your own work from home business!

Click Here To Request An Interview Now!  

Have questions? See our FAQ's for common Questions and answers! Or contact us now toll free at (800) 650-8859  

If you are motivated and willing to learn, we would love to have you on our home based team!

We will train you to be successful with your work at home business! Our powerful training will leave you excited and ready to make good money! Our team offers complete training via our extensive training website and conference calls!

If you have to work, why not work from home and get paid daily? Start your own home based business and work from home!

Click Here To Request An Interview Now!  

You can begin working your new home based business today! Why not work from home if you have to work?

Let us train you to work at home with success! Become a home based business owner today!


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