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6 Creative Ways to Make a New Flat Feel Like Home

Moving to a new place has its difficulties, but nobody tells you about the difficulties that actually come after you have done the job and are now standing in this new environment. You want to feel at home, yet you are standing in the middle of an unfamiliar flat and you want to do something about it. Don’t fret, there are many ways to turn this feeling around and actually make the new place one that you will not only learn to love, but actually enjoy spending time in. It’s all a matter of state of mind and spending quality time at a place you love. So what you really need to do is do some renovating and refurbishing so that the new place is either just like the old one, or in a state that you feel it closest to you. And here is how to achieve that:

Repaint the Place

There are probably bland colours on the walls or wallpapers, something like yellow, gray or white. That is boring; you want something more interesting and something that shows personality. One of the best ways to personalise an interior is get the appropriate paint or wallpapers and start decorating the walls so that they get a vibe you want to be surrounded by.

Clean Up

After a long painting job comes a cleanup, but even if you did not change anything, then you should still endeavour to do some cleaning and make the place shine and look like somewhere you want to be. This is also a method through which you can acquaint yourself with the new surroundings and discover all the (literally) dirty little secrets the flat has to offer.

Refurnish According to Your Taste

Naturally, you want to sit on the sofas that you enjoy and the chairs that you like. Bring your own, or go on a shopping spree in the flea markets to get some new furniture, something you like and think brings personality into the flat. Refurbish the place with items you want there and enjoy the scenery both in look and in comfort. Once you start to feel comfortable, the feeling of home will start appearing.

Get a Pet / Get the Pet Settled

As you will often hear, ‘home is where the loved ones are’. If you have a pet, then settle it in, find it a comfy corner to enjoy, then spend time with it till both of you get accustomed to the new scenery. If you don’t have a pet, get one and do the same. Soon you will both feel right at home because you simply enjoy each other’s company the most and the material world does not matter.

Focus on All Rooms

You can’t possibly think of one single room as a ‘home’. You have to turn your attention to all the rooms in the flat; otherwise you simply deny yourself the opportunity to call the place home. You need all rooms to have a purpose and be part of your life; otherwise the place is simply not a real home, but more like a studio where you live.

Get the Right Decor

Decorations go a long way in making you feel right at home. They are all personal items that connect you to wherever you place them. A picture on the wall, for instance, will make you look more often at that wall, and, at a subconscious level, you will get more acquainted with it and more used to it. Same goes for your favourite sculptures, posters, shower curtains, and so on.

Get the Library Set Up

If you are an avid reader, then your definition of home should be very simple: “Home is where my books are!” In that case, you need to set up your library as soon as possible. After unpacking all essentials, find a proper place for books and start arranging them one by one and acquainting them with their new home as well. Once the library is ready, take a step back and take in the new surroundings. Take a deep breath. Now that feels familiar, right?

Find “Your Favourite Spot”

Come on, everyone has their favourite place. It is the place you consider most comfortable, the place where you spend all your time, and the place where you simply enjoy sitting down and having fun. It could be a sofa, it could be a reading corner, it could be the bed. Simply find that place in your new flat, decorate it to fit your needs and you’ll be calling the flat home sooner than you’d think.

Apply any or all of these methods and pretty soon you’ll even start forgetting what the old home felt like. This will be where you want to be for sure.

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