Today is
....How close to your dreams are you?

What have you been dreaming of?

  • A New Car

  • New House

  • Retiring

  • Money For College

  • Money For Vacations

  • More Time With Your Children

Our unique work from home opportunity allows you to work when you want and earn an  income that you have always dream of!

Now is your chance to live the American Dream of working at home and having the things in life you want most!

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Here are several common asked questions with answers! If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us using the contact link to your left.

Q: How do we get paid?

Please see our what's in it for you page!

Q: Does someone help me get started?

YES! We work directly with you to train you so you can be successful! We also offer a training website packed full of info for new IBO's, as well as live conference calls, and video presentations.

Q. Can you be a part-time success in AmeriPlan�?

AmeriPlan� has many IBOs that work full time jobs outside the home and IBOs who are home raising children making it impossible for them to put full time hours into their business. If you can commit to a consistent 8 - 10 hour work week you can build a substantial residual check... AMERIPLAN'S� PROMISE: You give us 8 - 10 hours of diligent effort each week and in 2 - 4 years you'll see a six figure income.

Q: How long are the Training classes, and how do I attend?

Our trainings are handled through live conference calls and normally last about 1 hour. You will be given a conference number, extension, and a time to call in for training. You will be provided a training packet for this session. We also offer a team training site which you can use any time you wish!
Q: Do I have set hours that I will be required to work?

No! You have a flexible schedule with our company and set your own hours. You are in complete control of your work times.

Q. Do you need special skills to work with AmeriPlan�?

NO. AmeriPlan� has successful people from all different backgrounds, ages, history and heritage. We've got IBOs who are 18 and 84. We've got doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms and fast food restaurant workers. What you need to find success is a desire to transform your life, a computer, a phone, a willingness to be coached, and about ten hours / week to commit.

Q: What do the benefits plans cost?

Ameriplan Dental� Benefits includes FREE Prescription, Vision and Chiropractic plans.  $11.95/month single person OR  $19.95/month for an entire household.

Ameriplan Health� Benefits include FREE Dental, Prescription, Vision and Chiropractic plans.  $49.95/month for an individual OR $59.95/month for your entire household.

Q: Do I have to order the benefits to work with AmeriPlan?

No. All IBO's and family in the same house get free dental benefits!

Q: What are the start up costs?

There is a one time $95 IBO sign up kit fee. This includes the cost of your new IBO training kit. The kit contains your brochures (both medical and dental), DVDs, paperwork, etc.  Plus, you receive $50 in company credit which can be used at our company store to purchase business cards, letterhead, additional brochures, etc.

If you want to learn how to sign up large companies and get group certified and make even more money, we have another package. That package is @295.00 and you will receive about $600 worth of material. Most people start off with the $95 IBO kit, so the choice is yours.

There is a small monthly fee.  It's just $35/month and gives you:

1.  Your entire household receives dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care.  It's a $19.95/month value.
2.  You receive several websites to help market your business.  Ameriplan� services and maintains these websites for you.
3.  You receive unlimited training through the internet and our conference calls.
4.  I will be your personal mentor to help you build your business.
5.  And Ameriplan� handles your entire back end office (billing, collecting of fees, customer service issues, etc.).  This frees your time so you can continue to add new business.

Q: How do I get started?

You can request an interview and we will contact you and sign you up over the phone or if you feel more comfortable joining yourself, you may do so online by clicking here!

Q: What happens after I join?

Your application will be sent to our corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas for processing. It can take 24 hours to process your application form. Once the form is processed your IBO kit will be sent to you via DHL and should arrive within 48 hours.  Immediately after you sign up you will receive a "Welcome" email from us with detailed instructions, links to our team training sites and you will also get a call to welcome you and answer any questions! You do not need to wait until receiving your kit before getting to work. You can start working immediately!

Contact us at (800) 650-8859  or  Request An Interview Now!

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